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What to Expect When You’re Inspected

Home inspections can be an intimidating prospect — especially for a motivated seller — but part of that intimidation comes from a lack of understanding of what exactly a home inspector does, and how the process works. Here’s what you should expect when your home is inspected. Read More

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Cracks in your home: a cosmetic blemish or something to worry about?

When selling a home, there are myriad issues to obsess over — some of which are more deserving than others of major worry. Home inspections can help both a buyer and a seller figure out exactly what should be a concern and what you might be able to relax about. One such issue is cracks showing […]

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Buying & selling: What a Home Inspection Means for Everyone

The inspection period — which comes after an offer is accepted, but before a sales contract is signed — is a time when buyers, sellers and their agents hold their breath. That’s because this is when a deal is most likely to fall apart. Inspections may reveal issues that the buyers did not anticipate when […]

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Why a Seller can Benefit From an Early Home Inspection

One of the most common ways to sink a home sale or lower the bidding price is a surprise finding in a home inspection, and this is prompting some sellers to take the precautionary step of having an inspection before listing. A home inspection can cost as much as $500, but real estate experts say it’s […]

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